COVID Hospitalization Cover

  1. Room Rent, Boarding, Nursing Expenses as provided by the Hospital / Nursing Home.
  2. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (lCCU) expenses.
  3. Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist
  4. Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, ventilator charges, medicines and drugs, costs towards diagnostics, diagnostic imaging modalities, PPE Kit, gloves, mask and such similar other expenses.
  5. Road Ambulance subject to a maximum of Rs.2000/- per hospitalization

Note: Expenses of Hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours only shall be admissible. Policy also covers expenses incurred for co-morbid conditions.

Home Care Treatment Expenses

Medical expenses incurred if the insured person diagnosed positive of COVID in a government authorized center and taken treatment at Home for maximum up to 14 days per incident provided that,

a) The Medical practitioner advice’s the Insured person to undergo treatment at home.

b) There is a continuous active line of treatment with monitoring of the health status by a medical practitioner for each day through the duration of the home care treatment.

c) Daily monitoring chart including records of treatment administered duly signed by the treating doctor is maintained.

d) Insured shall be permitted to avail the services as prescribed by the medical practitioner. Cashless or reimbursement facility shall be offered under home care expenses subject to claim settlement policy disclosed in the website.

e) In case the insured intends to avail the services of non-network provider claim shall be subject to reimbursement, a prior approval from the Insurer needs to be taken before availing such services.

Benefit covered under this:

a. Diagnostic tests undergone at home or at diagnostics center

b. Medicines prescribed in writing

c. Consultation charges of the medical practitioner

d. Nursing charges related to medical staff

e. Medical procedures limited to parenteral administration of medicines

f. Cost of Pulse oximeter, Oxygen cylinder and Nebulizer

Optional Cover

  • Hospital Daily Cash: The Company will pay cash benefit of 0.5% of sum insured for each completed day of continuous hospitalization subject to a maximum of 15 days per policy period.

Pre Hospitalization: Medical expenses incurred up to 15 days prior to the date of admission

Post Hospitalization :Medical expenses incurred up to a period of 30 days after discharge from the hospital

Waiting Period: An initial waiting period of 15 days is applicable from the date of commencement of this policy.

Sum Insured: Upto Rs.5,00,000


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